2024 Google and Yahoo DMARC Update

By Mayra Gonzalez on February 09, 2024


Google and Yahoo Roll Out New Authentication Measures and Spam Prevention Updates, Effective February 2024: Your Essential Guide.: Here's what you need to know.

As we enter 2024, we'd like to highlight shifts in email authentication requirements for mass email senders. As of February 1, Google and Yahoo implemented new authentication requirements and spam prevention changes. We're here to help you stay ahead of the evolving changes of email communication. 


Understanding Google and Yahoo new authentication requirements:

Google and Yahoo are both implementing authentication requirements and spam prevention changes, set to take effect in the first quarter of this year. Google outlined requirements that took effect February 1, 2024, impacting all senders, particularly bulk senders. Simultaneously, Yahoo is introducing a parallel set of requirements. These changes are designed to enhance deliverability, build trust and credibility, avoid spam filters, optimize sender reputation, and ensure uninterrupted communication.

What you need to know:
DKIM requirement: One key aspect of the new requirements is the necessity for senders to set up DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) email authentication. Connecting an email sending domain offers benefits such as reducing the likelihood of your marketing emails being flagged as spam and eliminating the display of your marketing emails via your email service provider (ESP) after the sender information.

DMARC requirement: In addition to DKIM, a basic DMARC record will now also be required. DMARC is an email authentication protocol that you implement outside of your ESP, which is designed to help you protect your email domain against unauthorized use.

While it’s highly encouraged that all senders set up DKIM and DMARC, there are greater implications on deliverability for bulk senders.

There’s more to come:

As mentioned, starting in February, non-compliant bulk senders will face temporary errors on some emails, aiding identification of guideline issues.  

By April 2024, Google will progressively reject a portion of non-compliant traffic.

And by June 1, all bulk senders must implement one-click unsubscribe in commercial emails. Yahoo specifies that the one-click unsubscribe should honor user requests within two days, while Google requires a clearly visible unsubscribe link in the message body – no more burying your unsubscribe links in your footer or in your preference centers. Please review your templates for compliance.


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