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From Agile to Anti-Fragile: What It Is & How to Do It

I live in Iowa. Just like you, we’re going through COVID, we’ve had political unrest, we’ve experienced demonstrations. And in the midst of all these ...
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Topics: Marketing Strategic Planning

Growth by Acquisition: 5 Key Tips

Today, most markets are overrun with similar product offerings amongst competitors, making it challenging to enter new markets. And digital ...
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Topics: Mergers & Acquisitions

FIs, It is Time For Your Hydro Flask Moment

If you don’t know what a Hydro Flask® is, just ask any self-respecting 13-year-old. A Hydro Flask will carry anything. You want tea? Put tea in it. ...
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Topics: Research

Data-Driven Deposit Product Development

Using data to drive communications. Research has shown that complicated checking accounts are both difficult to sell, and unattractive to consumers. ...
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Topics: Deposit Product Development

Next Level FI Digital Onboarding

Using data to drive communications. When it comes to marketing, instead of spending hundreds of dollars to acquire a new account, consider spending ...
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Topics: All Things Digital

3 Ways to Increase Deposits in 2021

Hint: It’s not getting any easier! Consumers have more ways now than ever to manage their money securely, whether that’s with a community bank, a ...
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Is your board an ‘asset’ or an ‘audience’?

Directors spend 90 percent of the board meeting in silence. Management reports are important and necessary, but if your agenda is designed to just repeat what directors have already read in your board book, your bank is missing...


Independent Banker

4 community banks with eye-catching names

“In today’s digital universe, having a name that no other bank can replicate, assuming you’ve trademarked it, is a core element to enhance brand equity,” says Becki Drahota, CEO of Mills Marketing...



What’s Your Brand Plan, Stan?

Managing and curating your bank’s brand has always required discipline, vision and creativity. Today, industry disruption and COVID-19 have added a new mandatory: relevance.