4 New Team Members Add Digital Depth, Client Services Strength, and Operational Efficiency

By Ryan Pleggenkuhle on October 17, 2023




Meet Kat Digital Campaign Manager 

When we reviewed Kat’s résumé and interviewed her, we knew she was the ideal fit for this position, our team, and our clients.

As Digital Campaign Manager, Kat hit the ground running — streamlining our digital project process and bringing valuable insights into our digital paid media campaign strategies. With her wealth of digital expertise, we know she will provide significant value to Mills and our clients.

Specifically, Kat will help our clients:

  • Develop strategies for innovative and impactful digital campaigns that utilize advanced tactics such as SEM, display, social, and more to reach the desired target audience.
  • Achieve desired Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and marketing goals by creating streamlined processes to track, measure, and optimize paid digital media campaigns.
  • Optimize marketing initiatives to promote products and services while enhancing brand awareness, loyalty and visibility.

Welcome Kat!




Meet Nicole Account Coordinator

To become an account team member at Mills, a person must be an exceptional communicator and adept at building and maintaining positive and productive relationships. Fortunately for us (and of course, our clients), Nicole, with her academic background in communication and professional experience in marketing, was an excellent match. Nicole is one of the youngest members of our team. With a fresh perspective, achievement and deadline discipline, and a passion for connection-building, she brings positive energy to her client relationships.

Nicole will help our clients:

  • Attract and acquire new customers using highly effective and innovative media marketing strategies.
  • Deepen connections with existing customers by developing and delivering impactful messaging that strengthens brand loyalty and fosters new relationships.
  • Develop and manage comprehensive marketing plans that effectively promote Return on Investment (ROI) objectives.

Welcome Nicole!




Meet Leslie - Executive Administrative Assistant

With her marketing experience in the financial sector and proven track record in organizational management, Leslie emerged as the perfect candidate for our executive administrative position.

A highly organized marketing professional, Leslie is well-versed in aligning growth teams for success by managing day-to-day operations and projects. Leslie’s skills and knowledge bring immense value to the forefront at Mills and will significantly benefit our clients.

Leslie will help our clients:

  • Facilitate the smooth progression of projects by creating comprehensive meeting agendas and executive briefings.
  • Keep current by managing calendars, fulfilling data requests, and preparing communication as needed.
  • Foster seamless communication with Mills’ staff by coordinating travel logistics and making necessary meeting arrangements.

Welcome Leslie!




Meet Claire Digital Marketing Coordinator

As we explored increasing our digital capabilities, we were drawn to Claire's professional background. In her previous role, she served as her organization’s marketing and communications coordinator. Her position entailed planning content for various channels, managing website and social media platforms, designing dynamic marketing materials, and more. She’s also had experience managing system integrations, report building, and translating technical concepts into practical terms.

In addition to her impressive résumé, she has exceptional interpersonal skills, enjoys new challenges, and has a strong work ethic. These attributes make her an excellent fit for Mills and our clients.

Claire will help our clients:

  • Create and execute digital marketing initiatives, including social media engagements, email marketing campaigns, and other digital ventures.
  • Plan and tailor digital marketing content that fosters and deepens relationships with targeted audiences.
  • Keep current with digital marketing trends, tools and technologies.

Welcome Claire!



You’ll love working with Kat, Nicole, Leslie and Claire!

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